Saturday, February 5, 2011

Papercrafting - just my thoughts.....

Did you like paper dolls and puzzles when you were a kid? I know I did and I think that may be why I love paper crafts so much. Some creations surprise us and some don't turn out at all like we thought they would. But it's only paper so the cost and time usually aren't much.
I used to stand in a card shop for the longest time trying to choose cards for friends and family, now I make my own! and it is so easy! and fun!
I have been making scrapbooks since I was a kid traveling every summer on vacation with my family. I loved saving bits of this and that and taking pictures with the anticipation of building my scrapbook when we got home. I still have a couple of those childhood scrapbooks and they still bring pleasure to look at now.
My favorite scrapbooks are still my travel logs with the story and pictures of vacations my husband and I take together. Sometimes it's a 10 day trip that makes a whole album and sometimes its just a couple days away someplace we both enjoy. The photo above is actually a Studio J layout I created digitally! So if you prefer a digital experience with no software to purchase give Studio J a try at
Our scrapbooks tell who we are, what we love, what is important to us.
When we make a handmade card for someone it says you are special to me.
So take time to make a card or start a scrapbook. It will bring enjoyment to you and those you love.

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