Saturday, December 1, 2012

patty's 12 days of Christmas...

day 12....
maybe most important of all is scrapbooking our memories!
25 years ago when I took these photos I wasn't scrapbooking. I have looked through old photo albums and choosen special photos for scrapbooking. These are just regular family pictures but the memories they hold are very special. Since I wanted to include so many photos I didn't do much embellishing. The journaling is typed then cut into the shapes by using the center point feature on the Cricut. This is really easy to do so if you haven't tried it yet you should! See the next picture for my tips on using this technique.

For perfect cut shapes that center your text just use the ruler markings on the cutting mat.
First decide how big the shape needs to be cut.
Now find the center of the 1st line of text and line it up with the center marking on the mat.
Next count the lines of text to determine which line is in the middle. Now you have the center point of the shape.
Just move the cutting blade to line up with this point, be sure you turn on the Center Point button and cut.
 I hope you've enjoyed my 12 days of Christmas papercrafting. I still have more ideas I plan to share during December so be sure to come back again!

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